Michal Ben Yosef

Way back in 1995, When I first started working with this pliable material, clay, I felt I could do with it anything my heart desires. The more I experimented the more intrigued and fascinated I became.


Clay has its own intelligence. I listened to what it “wanted”, to what it could offer, and so we continued our relationship, in this sort of dance, where my imagination and the clay’s performance interact. I believe in trial and error, letting my imagination and creativity flow freely. And sometimes it really happens, this magical moment when discovering something new, and a whole new exciting shape or concept opens up.


My tools, apart from working with different clays, are colours, shapes, phrases, quotes, drawings. I am drawn to the landscapes of Israel with its plants and animals, and to ancient symbols. Many times I feel l am merely a link in a chain of traditions, and it is both my duty and gift to the past, as well as the future, to bring forth my expression, interpretation, perception of it.  


Michal Ben-Yosef studio is a family business, where we all team together to do what we are passionate about. Business was always Arnon’s, my husband, thing. My thing was always design. Our children, Hagar and Yonatan, who as kids would rush up to the kiln as if it was a treasure chest, to watch the wonders that would come out of it, today work with us side by side, in the studio. Here, in this site we’ve set-up, we hope to keep an open and direct contact with you all.