Orna Cohen-Boteach

Based in Jerusalem, artist Orna Cohen-Boteach works each piece by hand in her studio.


Orna gets her inspiration from the Jewish tradition and culture, rich with symbols and designs, and from the scents of nature.


All these elements are reflected in a unique and personal way in Orna's works.


Orna creates several distinct collections, with her Judaica there is a connection between faith and art, between a ritual item and an object of art, as a source of awe of creativity


Artist Orna Cohen-Boteach creates Judaica and handcrafted products in her Alim studios in the quiet, rustic setting of her village in the Sharon area of Israel.


Orna draws her inspiration from Jewish tradition and the natural environment. Her work - in pewter, bronze and anodised aluminium - is rich with symbols and makes a personal connection between faith and art.