White Ceramic Pomegranate Apple and Honey Plate by the Israel Museum

With its clean lines and original design, this plate was inspired by a two-thousand-year-old shallow bowl with the mould of a pomegranate attached to its centre, which was uncovered in a tomb dating to the First Temple period in Tel Halif (in the northern Negev) and was in all likelihood used in libation rituals. 

The pomegranate is one of the seven species with which the land of Israel was blessed. Because of its large number of seeds, the fruit was seen as a symbol of abundance and fertility, and its beautiful shape made it a popular ornament on houses, vessels, coins, garments, etc. Its importance in antiquity is evidenced by how frequently it appears in art of the ancient Near East. Many vessels shaped like pomegranates were found in temples and tombs across the land of Israel, and they are therefore believed to be cult objects. 

This beautiful modern plate can be used for the traditional dish of apples dipped in honey served during the festive Rosh Hashanah meal, making for a meaningful way to start the year.


The Israel Museum


Handmade, Ceramic


30cm diameter, Centre Circle 7cm, Height 9cm 

Designer: Israel Museum

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