Annie Glass


Handcrafted from Kiln to Your Table

Annieglass Roman Antique feature handpainted 24K Gold Rims

Handpainted Precious-metal Rims

Select collections are hand painted with 24k gold and genuine platinum, and then each piece is individually set by hand into kilns, where at high temperatures the glass drapes over handmade ceramic molds. Precious metals permanently fuse to the glass during this step, and the glass “slumps” into their mold’s individual patterns, rendering each piece of Annieglass a unique work of art.

The 24k gold and genuine platinum reveal our artisans’ individual brush strokes, as well as a slightly distressed appearance from the organic materials’ movement during kiln fire. These effects are by no means a defect, but rather are intentionally crafted into every unique Annieglass piece to celebrate the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi—in which asymmetry and “imperfection” enhance beauty.

Edgey – Rough Yet Sophisticated

The Edgey collection is perhaps one of Annieglass' finest example of innovative glassmaking and is the result of countless years of experimentation with glass and precious metals.

After edges are hand chipped and painted, each piece is set into a kiln to undergo Annieglass’ unique “slumping” process. In the fiery kiln, chipped glass becomes smooth, losing dangerous sharp edges while retaining dramatic texture, and precious metals permanently fuse to the glass to ensure dishwasher safety.

From the kiln to your table, Edgey is a collection of contemporary glass tableware – plates, platters and bowls that exude sophisticated rawness and show-stopping beauty.

Sustainably Made in California

Annie’s most innovative new product to date fuses science and art with ecological responsibility. The Elements collection of thickly cut organically shaped trivets and appetizer trays are made entirely from recycled Annieglass scrap in a revolutionary new way.

Combining ancient glassmaking techniques with modern technology, Annie has applied for a patent for her ingenious solution for recycled glass. Reused scrap glass from our studio has never been so elegantly repurposed and this design lessens our footprint on the planet.