Dream, Excitement, Imagine, Design, Renew, Create


I thank God for giving me the opportunity to design and produce in the magical world of Jewish art. A world full of events and holidays that give me a challenge to add, to create and innovate.       


I am a seventh generation native Israeli, from a large Jerusalem rooted family on my mother's side. My father, Yoske, who was a member of the Palmach, who loved the country, its landscapes and paths, as well as music, poetry, writing and everything that represents culture and art. 


From the days of my childhood in my parents' home - I breathed and absorbed a lot of art, aesthetics, composition, colors and music that inspired and desired to continue my path. From a very young age, I took a brush and paint under the encouragement of my dear mother, and later searched for materials, methods and different technologies.


As an observant woman, the Jewish art world has always been close to my heart. The Jewish art world was my hobby while working in commercial graphic design. Gradually, hobby became the main field. With the help of techniques and tools from the world of graphics and the combination of traditional cuttings and Jewish texts from my world, an interesting and unique combination of shapes and colors, decorations and letters, old and new, traditional and modern was created. It is important to me that every product that comes out under my hands will be a novelty, unlike any other.


Faith that creates art - I gather from this world texts and verses, prayers and blessings, weaving them into the creations and adapting them to various events in the life of the Jewish community and family.


I am grateful to The Creator for granting me a heavenly gift, for the ability to create, express and share with others, for the privilege to be involved in our rich Jewish world and to engage in a career I cherish so much.


The studio


The studio is in Petach Tikvah, in Dorit's backyard. There is a warm and family atmosphere, with a devoted staff, who works with great love for the products, work processes and clients.


In this incubator they dream products, design, manufacture, print, glue stones, pack the products, that bring beauty and blessing, light and joy.


From here, products are sent and marketed to leading stores, museum stores, galleries and sites in Israel and abroad