Josh Owen

Beyond beauty, beyond even the purity of function, for Josh there is meaning. This is what guides his work and life, a continuous search for the essence of things.

Nathaniel Popkin

Josh Owen is an award winning, internationally renowned industrial designer, author, and educator. His studio’s work is produced by significant manufacturers in the US and Europe, and the projects are featured in many permanent museum collections around the globe. 

Owen’s vision of Design is advanced, rooted in humanist culture, spare and timeless.

Massimo Vignelli

The Josh Owen design studio is a globally successful, award winning practice based in Rochester NY. We operate with the belief that good design is intellectually elegant thinking distilled into the built environment with a sense of purpose. We do not discriminate between the landscape of products, structures, services, and experiences, taking on all matter of projects in an effort to craft the world with a clear vision oriented towards a better tomorrow. We only work with partners who value our point of view. Following the atelier format, a small group of creatives work directly with Josh Owen to deliver the highest level of curated content to our clients.