Tamara Zlotogoura

Welcome to The Jewish Heritage Collection , home of Designer Judaic Textiles, founded in 1995 by Tamara Zlotogoura, who followed her passion to re-create Judaic Embroideries inspired by vivid memories of items of beauty she experienced as a child growing up in India.  As a result, The Jewish Heritage Collection was born, encompassing an extensive array of Embroidered Textiles for Religious and Ceremonial use.  Born in Kolkata, she has lived in Israel, London and now resides in Spain. Fiercely proud her heritage, she brings a wealth of cultures to her designs. 

Exposure to vibrant colours, exotic fabrics and exquisite embroidery during her early childhood has been the source of inspiration for her use of colour and unique style of textile design.  Her elegant designs are richly detailed, meticulously crafted heirloom pieces making them memorable gifts.

"My aim is to design a piece which is aesthetically pleasing and well crafted, but more importantly, that brings joy whilst using it"

She is currently developing a new collection of Contemporary Challah Covers and Matza Cover Sets and looks forward to using a multitude of techniques befitting the 21st century. 

She sees Judaic Embroidery as having no limits and gives meaning to her work through suggestive storytelling within the design that connects to Judaism symbolically.

Many of her larger commissions are installed in Synagogues in England, Israel, Spain and the USA, all of which are bespoke designs.

Over the years her work has been showcased in many exhibitions and the smallest Torah Mantle she ever produced is on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.