Broken Chuppah Glass Art in Lucite Cube

This beautiful treasured gift is hand cast in Lucite (perspex) by specialist artisans.

This stunning piece of art makes for a beautiful, one of a kind keepsake and instant heirloom for the bride and groom, one to be treasured all their lives as a memory of their special day.

These craftmen use the broken wedding glass to re construct the Chuppah Glass in crystal clear Lucite.  A clear stem can be added if you want to re create a wine glass inside the cube, else you can have a 'random' design or a 'v' shape so it appears to be floating in the glass.

Please allow 7-10 weeks from receipt of your glass.

See below options for the glass to use at your wedding:

*Buy Broken Glass as per drop down menu above in choice of Green/Red/Purple/Teal/Blue (£35)
*Use a light bulb
*Use Clear Wine Glass (Note Coloured Glass can be used as long as non Painted Glass (ie must be Fired Glass) as painted glass does not take well to lucite. 

Simply send us your wedding glass or light bulb as per above and we will take care of the rest!

The Cube can be engraved with the couple's name and wedding date.

For international quotes we will have to quote separately.

Other options to note:

Edges can be 'Squared' or 'Beveled'.  Beveled is an additonal £10
Engraving is free if you go for the frosted option.  
However you can have Gold, Silver writing for an addtional £10

If you choose a clear coloured glass - some bits of colour can also be added at no extra cost - again this wont be from your broken wedding glass but just for the aesthical value - if you wish.

Please contact or call 07801 851900 if you would like more detail.

Designer: Contemporary Judaica

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