“Shaddai” Heart-Shaped Amulet-Pendant in Silver by the Israel Museum

Inscribed on the amulet is the Hebrew word “Shaddai” (the Almighty) – one of the names of God. Engraved on the reverse are a floral design and the opening words of the verses used in phylacteries and mezuzot: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God the Lord is One.” A loop for hanging is attached to the top of the silver pendant. 

This beautiful and delicate piece, suitable for any age and gender, is sure to make an exciting addition to your jewelry collection. 

Did You Know? The use of amulets dates from ancient times and continues to this day. Amulets were intended to protect the wearer, his family, and his possessions from natural disasters, spells, and the evil eye. Some were thought to bear healing properties or aid fertility; others protected the wearer on his travels, conferred blessings and good fortune, or elicited the good will and love of others. The magical power attributed to Jewish amulets stems from the versions of God’s name or Biblical verses inscribed on them. For extra protection, the name of the wearer was sometimes added. 

Replica of a pendant from Eretz-Israel, early 20th century 

Brand: Israel Museum

Solid Silver


8 × 6 × 3 cm

Length of chain 16"

Designer: Contemporary Judaica

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