Modern Silver Coated Chanukiah by Mickala Design

Now, more than ever may the Chanukah miracle inspires us to spread light and hope around us. 

"When creating my Judaica artwork, it is very important to me to link tradition to our current lives. Today, this Chanukah' is the result of thought and creation, attempting to create a design that would be an integral part of a modern home while still being "Kosher".

"Traditionally a Chanukiah has straight candle sticks, and what I have created is characterized by diagonal lines. I spent several weeks of trial and error to implement my creative design while still keeping the Chanukiah within the Kosher guidelines."

The lit candles on top of this unique structure create games of light and shade which amplify the presence of the growing light during the holiday, while still not allowing it to light up the house. According to the Jewish law, the Chanukiah is meant to be seen, but not used for light or any other purposes. This Chanukiah is made from aluminium and comes in a shiny gold-coated colour.

This unique Chanukiah would make a great gift for family, weddings, housewarmings or just to light up your own family holiday!

Works for oil or wax candles 

Easy to clean with warm water 


Mickala Design



✓ Length: 28 cm / 11 inch

✓ Height of candle sticks: 10.5 cm/ 4.1 inch

✓ Height of "Shamash" " Tallest candle": 12cm/ 4.7 inch

✓ Width: 8.5 cm/ 3.3 inch

Designer: Mickala Design

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